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About Us

FreeMusic.Download and the Future of Free Music Downloads

From its origins in 2010, FreeMusic.Download has been devoted to fostering direct, mutually beneficial relationships between musicians and fans for 6 years now. Our goal is simple: cut out the greedy middle man who takes money from the pockets of music artists by giving the artists a platform to distribute their own unique style of music directly to the fans who want it. The result is that artists are able to maintain their real vision and musical sound, rather than being confined to the image that the label needs to sell, and fans have the option to support their favorite artists directly, no longer having to worry that these artists may eventually sell out so to keep what the record company demands from them. With early contributors like Beyonce, Alan Jackson, and Nightwish, FreeMusic.Download has had resounding success in a variety of music genres and countries, and it continues to be a leader for the sharing platform in free music.

How it Works

The basis of FreeMusic.Download is rather similar to other free music sharing platforms in that it works solely as a platform to connect musicians and fans. We do not charge users any subscription fees for people using our services, and we find artists new fans based on fancy algorithms that predict how much a given fan will like an up-and-coming artist based on the fan's musical preference history.

Our registered, independent artists are able to upload their music directly to their profile page, with the option to make their songs or albums free to download. They might also include video blogs, status updates, upcoming gig info, wish lists for what they might need to improve the quality of their work on -- or anything else that they need to best promote themselves and their sound.

Meanwhile, our fans are able to discover songs from genre-specific radios, download content directly from their favorite artists, find new favorite artists from our algorithm's suggestions, search for independent artists in their city, state, or country, and watch an endless supply music videos. They can even update their profiles with status updates (ideal for advertising their favorite artist's gigs), give their own artist recommendations, make playlists using songs they have downloaded, and join groups to support specific artists or to get involved in the musical community in their own regions.

Why it Works

The basis of our model is that it is free, and it is user-driven: we only exist to connect artists to their fans in the most productive way possible. By providing artists with a free platform to advertise themselves, we give them the chance to work entirely independently so that they can do what they love without the pressure from a record label. In addition, by providing fans with a way to connect directly to their favorite independent artists, we give fans the power to control the industry in place of the omnipresent record labels. With its messenger function and message board feature, FreeMusic.Download provides an organic way for artists and fans to interact, and our algorithms are constantly making new connections between artists and fans so that no fanbase is left to stagnate.